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The Physical Workout

by Renshi Warren Berto

The physical workout is the gateway to self-realization. The sweat gets you beyond your own self-defenses. Exhaustion and the state of mind it produces are ripe teaching grounds. The line between the conscious and unconscious is indistinct in this state of mind. The unconscious mind will react instantaneously. Proper intent must always accompany these automated reactions. These reactions can be destructive if not governed by a strong will.

This is why we believe that mind, body, and spirit must be one. The mind leads the body, and the spirit leads the mind. You will hear over and over again from Senior Sensei, “Seibukan comes from the heart.” This art is a way of life; we are to live it every moment of our lives until it is an end unto itself.

You must have all three concepts (mind, body, and spirit) to grow as a Budo-ka. It doesn’t matter what rank or position you hold. This is the same for everyone. The physical workout holds the promise of self-enlightenment when the principles and concepts of traditional Karate are embraced. This is the time you face your greatest challenge, yourself.


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